While I was digging around some old music I did and I came across this freestyle I did for the official.com, check it out!

Lerix – The Official Freestyle (zshare)

Lerix – The Official Freestyle (usershare)

Here’s a new mixtape headed up by MEGATRON himself titled Rise of the Fallen 3! In usual Fashion megatron unites a ton of emerging talent ( including yours truly) from all over to join forces and kill some beats!!  Heed the words from the man himself:

Everyone has a breaking point. Stress, life, and sheer frustration bring you over the edge. This transition from sanity to insanity is defined, on Cybertron, as Beast Mode. Beast Mode is the animal instinct in all of us that drives us to do things we never thought we would do. That is what this mixtape is based around. The lyrical talent of all the artists on this mixtape show that everyone can transform from human to beast mode in the shortness of sixteen bars. Without beast mode, we as humans (and robots) could not exist. If we were pleasant and nice all the time, where would that lead us? If we followed the code and did what everyone else did… where would that lead us?

Mainstream music… that’s where it would lead us.

This is a break from the norm. You will experience a mixture of emotions that will fill the good music craving within us. This is the time to rise up and unleash your inner beast. This… is Rise Of The Fallen 3: Beast Mode.
Get Rise of the Fallen 3 Now @ hailmegatron.net

Source: [ Hailmegatron.net ]

I couldn’t wait to drop my 3rd mixtape It’s a (w)Rap…Again!, So I did! DL here now!

It’s a (w)Rap…Again! – http://usershare.net/8gicybygb7qf
It’s a (w)Rap…Again! – http://www.zshare.net/download/73755624396b30ed/

Allow me to introduce the artwork and tracklist for my upcoming mixtape “it’s a (w)Rap…Again!” dropping this March!!

The hiphop effect just will be dropping a new mixtape for Valentines day. Got some pretty talented MC’s on here including yours truly (pat on back). If you don’t have a date for the big day, this mixtape can help fill that void….that and booze.


Source: thehiphopeffect

Rise Of The Fallen 2: Redux

February 9, 2010

My man Megatron is back with another one! ROTF2: Redux! More to add to the collection!

Download link for the mixtape: http://usershare.net/6y4cuph4t9rh

Source: Hailmegatron.net

There are a ton of dope hip-hop artists on this mixtape, and lets be honest…the album art is fresh as fuck!

Check it out and Down Load it @ Hailmegatron.net